Last and most fabulous blog collaboration

Re-read your “Where I’m From” poem and select the single line that most expresses who you are or where you are from. Post it to your blog along with a corresponding image by Friday, April 27 at 5 pm (so everyone has time to see everyone’s). You may include a hyperlink (optional).

Please name your post, “My Line,” so we can easily find your line (and image). Please put your image source somewhere on your blog post–thank you.

See Dr. Hessler’s blog post that follows these directions.

That’s all you need to do for this assignment. But then…

On Monday, April 30, we will be weaving together the lines you chose and those the OCU students chose. With all that text, we will create a found poem that we will post to an NCHC blog page that Dr. Hessler and I created to, I suppose, memorialize this collaboration. Never thought of it that way but it fits. Of course, we’re doing that. Of course.

Here’s my post for this assignment. If you want to start picking your line, a link (optional), and an image to create this post sooner rather than by Friday evening: yea!


My line

I am from open and good and wild and sugar and restraint and fear, from kind and hungry and art with black ink on white paper.

"Oklahoma City" by E.D. Woodworth (2007)