Stop the presses! “Visual Rhetoric” fav new phrase for author

Yep. Today, Jon Meacham said his new favorite phrase/idea is “visual rhetoric.” Thanks to this Honors Comp 2 for rocking our class meeting with a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. He thought y’all were fantastic. And I do, too–it’s because you did your homework, asked great questions, and made everyone look good because of all that. Way to make it look easy.


Making playlists like nobody’s business

A playlist for love, loss, and longing. I’m grateful to Ink Slingerette for showing me I actually was able to embed the “Of Music” playlist in another blog… but not here. Couldn’t quite manage it–but the contents were prompted by a friend asking my thoughts on love. I suppose I think love’s like a cognitive arc of bright and light that settles into a wish that love be part of everyone’s life… at least once–a sunset that warms rather than burns the heart.