My latest gift for posting

WordPress is generously offering quotes every time I post. I’m sure it’s not just for me, though, but I appreciate it like it was a special gift just for my only one self.

Just now, this was my gift:

Gift for posting Jan. 30, 2012!

I like that this has become a routine in my blogging life. I post and BOOM! I get a quote about writing that makes me feel like a writer. I feel good about posting; I want to post more; I want more quotes; I post more… the circle of life and all that. Hakuna matata.

The gift of a quote is not as nice as a steak dinner or a movie, popcorn, and Sour Patch Kids, but I’ll take it, especially if the quotes support my mission as a writing professor.

It’s like WordPress is purposely making it easier for me to create an environment in which writing is central to understanding, sharing, thinking, working, flourishing. Right on, WordPress. I mean, write on.


This is me teaching this class

I just sent this photo to a friend of mine who created a home theater and said the sound reverberated through both floors when he watched movies, but I think I’m taking it for this blog post because this is how I feel when I drop into your blogs and see the thinking, writing, learning you’re doing. I can’t wait until our next class. Who can say that about their jobs? That they can’t wait to get back to it? I can say that.

"Blown Away Man" (photo for ad from way back...)

I can’t wait to talk about Lawrence Lessig and start talking about how you can license your own writing on your blogs. Wheeee. Who knew composition class would be such fun?

Best regards to you, Blown Away Writing Professor