1 January 2012

Welcome to a new calendar year… and on 9 January 2012, to the spring semester!

Nothing about me has substantially changed, but I will add the below to who I am, should anyone require an intellectual update:

I’m teaching a senior-level/grad-level literature class on Charles Dickens this spring term, during Dickens’s bicentenary year. What a blast this is going to be. For anyone interested in eventually taking upper division English classes, this might be fun to visit occasionally.

15 August 2011

Over the year, I’ll be adding to this page. It will change as the blog changes. Or maybe not.

For the first day of the academic year, 15 August 2011, here is a fairly formal bio of me for a serious educational audience:

Elizabeth D. Woodworth is the director of composition at Auburn University at Montgomery and an assistant professor in the Department of English and Philosophy. She earned her Ph.D. at Texas Christian University in English with areas of specialty in rhetoric/composition and 19th century British literature; she earned her master’s degree at California State University, San Bernardino with a specialty in composition. She is a member of the editorial staff at Writing Spaces (http://writingspaces.org), an open educational resource with two volumes available online, a third in production, with a fourth planned for 2012. She has published in Victorian Poetry, Browning Society Notes, The Journal of Basic Writing, and has a forthcoming essay in Studies in Browning and His Circle. Dr. Woodworth also specializes in curriculum development; she spent eight years as a professional writer and in executive management working for educational publishing firms in New York, Dallas, and Washington, D.C. She has most recently taught graduate courses in writing pedagogy, the literature of the 19th century, and rhetoric & style; undergraduate courses include British literature survey and freshman composition.

Here is a bio for a different audience:

E.D. Woodworth is the director of composition at Auburn University at Montgomery.  An assistant professor, she teaches writing courses and Victorian literature. She has recently alienated her family and friends with her single-minded pursuit of curriculum development, program design, assessment, and plans for world domination. She is always working on a book of haiku based on a series of traumatic publishing events. Her research interests include the year 1859, poetry related to the Italian Risorgimento, baseball, and all things Open.

And here is a bio that might be for an entirely different audience:

E.D. Woodworth has been to Disneyland 137 times. She can confirm that it is, indeed, the happiest place on earth. She owns a mug from Disneyland, engraved with “Dr. E.D. Woodworth” that she owned ten years before she finished her doctoral work–it was a beacon guiding her through the end of a long journey. It is now a pen/pencil holder in her office. Before declaring her major as English, she flirted seriously with dance, math, history, and… ahem… business. Though she is saddened and disturbed by the Disneyfication of some fairytales and history (esp. Pocahantas), she really appreciates the tea cup ride.

And one more–a bio in haiku:

E.D. Woodworth says:

“When you’re through changing, you’re through.”

Lesson: embrace change.


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