Exciting moments with maps and next week…

Today, we saw several  maps revealed in full, in part, and/or in progress.  Next Monday, Apr. 2, we’ll see everyone’s maps again and a draft of the paper. Also, you need to have photographed your map by this date, too. We need several photos, please, as some of the maps will not be able to be scanned due to 3-D elements. Thank you.

Also, if anyone forgot about the IP story–please bring that on Apr. 2. Remember, it’s old-school: bring it printed on paper. AIEEEE. You read that right. I’m feeling nostalgic.

We have a new deadline for the paper/map project: Apr. 9. We need a week more–no other way around it. We must have that. So plan, accordingly, please.

I’d like you to blog over the weekend about your project and where you’re at, what’s on your mind, where you may end up going with your project, etc. Include some images or a picture, or a snippet of your text, so folks can read about what’s going on. Please comments on everyone’s blog (in this class) by class time on Monday. We’ll have some time on Monday to do this, but you need to have most of it done ahead–which means you should plan on doing your blog posts by early Sunday, Apr. 1 (not an April Fool’s Day thing–this is really an assignment!).

Be ready to make some plans for how we can connect with those who are not traveling with us… Ciao and may be the odds be ever in your favor.


One thought on “Exciting moments with maps and next week…

  1. Thanks so much for the extension on the IP story — I have no idea, literally no idea why I forgot about that. And we’re all also so grateful for the extra time for our papers. Getting so excited about all of this.

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