Getting somewhere with the rubric now

Please see our thinking about the grading rubric from today. I include it here in picture-form, but it’s also linked in the next paragraph.

Thinking on rubrics for writing (Spring 2012)

That Inane Laugh recorded our thinking–based on the work from the OCU students previously listed on Mountains of Discovery.

We did not really address visual rhetoric in this rubric as we did previously when we talked (we’ll get to that later when we have time to really deal with design–over time). For now, I think we are getting somewhere with the details of what matters regarding writing on our blogs and the difference between an A and a B and what’s in-between an A and a B–so hard to determine.

We tried to articulate this by noting that an A minus was an A which lacked something key in the A criteria.
A B+ is then a B but which includes some key thing that really leaps into the A criteria.

Thanks to That Inane Laugh and Mountains of Discovery for recording our thinking and helping us articulate what makes writing great for our classes.

Thanks to all who have been thinking about this!


3 thoughts on “Getting somewhere with the rubric now

  1. How do you work commenting into your blog grade? To be eligible for an A, for example, do you also have to demonstrate that you’re a good “Citizen of the Blogosphere” by commenting on at least X number of posts done by your classmates each week?

    How does that work?

    • That’s got to matter. But how to account for that and in what amount? I’m going to ask today because this is part of the learning objective of blog-teaching–sharing thinking, learning together, being IN a conversation.

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